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Eventure iT We help organization to develop business & reward employees and clients 

get an EASY-TO-USE solution Our services

Team building & Events

Solutions which meet your needs to boost motivation and knowledge of your employees and clients. Also 100 % virtual services…

Incentive Tours & Meetings

Reward employees and clients. Promote loyalty, and morale. Travel incentives have particularly good ROI of 9.6%

Business & Development

Create easy to use insights, roadmaps, visions aimed at making your business better.  We support trade with modular houses, and other goods…


Our mission is to strength and level-up your team & organisation. Discovering strength and opportunities we build the future and together reach extensive knowhow and harmony


Our major believe is that even though we are individual characters with different identities and understandings, we all can become one effective unit working towards same end goal


Our expertise in incentives tours & events and development workshops  leads to more engaged employees working towards company goals and loyal clients  growing your profit

Development & Business

Checkout our new business-related service which branches in to more core-development knowledge with Graphic Recording, Situational Landscapes and business development. Grow your business, meet partners. Governments and corporations like Ericsson, Swedbank, Skanska are using our service.

Why Force One

Our mission is to provide easy, innovative, and flexible solutions. For our clients this means that projects are tailored to any needs, situation, group of people and location.

15+ years of experience, 900+ organized events and tours and 8,500+ satisfied participants!













“Evald surely makes things happen! ”

Per Siegfried Skisaker

Asgaard Property

“Thank you so much for wonderful pictures and the training”

Irina Dubrovskaja

UAB DNV GL Lietuva

“Boosted self-confidence and booged our minds on problem-solving”

Linn Friberg
GE Tip Trailer

“A real pleasure working with you, excellent organization”

Renaud Vanlombeek
ITC Navigant

“First company I think about when planning event is Force One”

Arkady Shafer
GE Healthcare 

“A big success. Always available, very professional, discrete

Soraya Spuhler
Group Worldspan

“Thanks for wonderful time & sincere communication”

Agnė Stukonienė
UAB „Ovantis“

“Professional, active, very organized original ideas, a great team”

Laima Stalmokienė
Syngenta Agro AG

“For events in the future we will for sure partner with Force One!”

Isabelle Legrain Djourno

Western Union

“Partner for incentive tours & team building. Will get Your team to the top”

Stephen Aerts
ACB Airconditioning

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We help organizations to develop & reward employees & clients

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