Vilnius Official Interactive Treasure hunt: - also in Druskininkai, Trakai & Kaunas

Welcome to Vilnius and to the official Vilnius Interactive Treasure Hunt, a city team challenge and a non-traditional way of discovering Vilnius Treasures: the sites, history, cultural experiences and locals.

NEWS! This event can be booked in Druskininkai, Trakai & Kaunas - as well as new locations on request.

Your group is divided into teams and are issued a team pack which consists of a list of Photo Challenges, Scavenger Challenges and Local Knowledge Challenges. Each team should use  one of their own digital camera/smartphone to make photos and later transfer the photos to the event coordinators laptop.
The goal is to complete the list first and in the most creative manner. The Winner gets the Reward. You win by getting most points by solving the Challenges which leads you to the treasures of the city.

General Photo Challenges - Using their own camera the team must capture on film actions or deeds as well some seemingly impossible missions. Photos could include historical sites, team with a policeman, a human pyramid, in a barber’s chair, pouring a pint behind a bar, drink up a kocelas? and other interesting missions...

Destionation Photo Challenges - answer historical clues and questions, find the place and make its photo with your teams as an evidence of being there.

Scavenger Challenges  - Each team is given a list of items they must collect along the way. These may include an item of local historical significance, an item related to your company, a Lithuanian flag, Baltic Gold...

Local Knowledge Challenges - Each team must answer a range of questions relating to the local area. These include questions where answers are obtained by asking locals, on local sports teams, relating to local statues, buildings, landmarks etc. Most of the questions will be about the destinations and other logical questions; however others will require deeper digging!

Back at the Head Quarter, the teams will be able to laugh at each other’s photos on a large screen. A real highlight of the day as we go through a selection of the group’s photos, and as you can imagine, as each photo appears the other groups all either complain bitterly that they haven’t completed the challenge properly or applaud a challenge completed well! This makes heaps of laughter and raised voices and is very much a great finish to an event that is fantastic fun and which allows team to get outside and work together in a different environment from the norm, and be creative!

This incentive event was specially featured in the Air Lituanica in-flight magazine 5th issue (june-aug), extract:
Time to leave your offices

Guests Take Interest In The Old Town
A new trend to hold the team events abroad is emerging in the world. Managers of various business event companies started noticing visitors from Scandinavia, Benelux countries, Germany, France and Russia, who come to Lithuania to arrange events for their own employees and clients. Quite often it is their first visit to Lithuania. Naturally they want to explore the city rather than stay closed even in the most luxurious conference hall. "They are fascinated by Vilnius architecture, history, they also like Vilnius as a very green city. By the way, guests from western countries, where ecological way of living is popular today, prefer walking instead of taking a tourist bus. All the more because our company offers a unique Vilnius Treasure hunt game allowing to see the city sights, know it’s history, meet local people and discover their culture and traditions. This game is always a big success”, said Evald Roos, director at Force One.

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