Conferences & Meetings Locations

Conferences & Meetings Locations
Besides the capital Vilnius and larger cities like Kaunas, we offer to have Conferences & Meetings in unique locations combined with Countryside experience, Golf, seaside or SPA and Wellness. Every option have its own strengths and possibilities, whether the interest is traditional wooden log houses with wild game dinners and isolated nature, or luxury SPA enjoyment, sporty Golf activity or seaside swim after the meetings.

Countryside & Forest - Conferences & Meetings
Although Lithuania is a small country, but it is distinguished by the uniqueness and versatility of nature: plains, hills, forests, lakes and wetlands, a wavy Baltic Sea and the white dunes, and last but not least, the beautiful Curonian Spit. And most importantly – Lithuania has preserved the naturalness, unpolluted and fresh air.

In ancient times, almost all of the current territory of Lithuania was covered with forests. Now forests cover nearly one-third of our country’s area and are an abundant source of berries, mushrooms, medicinal plants, and a home to many wild animals and birds. Long ago, Lithuanian nobles and princes were hunting in their wilderness, and book smugglers and partisans were hiding under their canopy. Forest vegetation in Lithuania is very diverse: millennia-aged oaks, clean and fresh pine forests, white trunks of birch. Thick forests are teaming with wild boars, roes, deers, red foxes, gray hares, martens and other forest life. From the early spring you will hear the singing of happy nightingales, tits, finches, and thrushes.

Seaside - Conferences & Meetings
Lithuania is located near the Baltic Sea, which coast is one of the most beautiful in all Europe. Come hear to rest, recover yourself and enjoy the rays of sun in the sandy Lithuanian beaches.

The Baltic Sea is located deep into the Continent, and its coast is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Lithuania has 90 kilometers of shoreline. Although, the coast is short - it is spectacularly beautiful. Small and clean sand in the beaches, white Curonian Spit dunes, agile recreational resorts and historic coastal fishing villages - the quietly soothing Baltic Sea is waiting for everyone.

Golf - Conferences & Meetings
Golf, considered an elitist sport, is becoming increasingly more popular in Lithuania. Lithuania is setting up new golf courses meeting the global standards, expanding fan clubs and communities, and organizing international professional golf tournaments. By visiting Lithuania’s golf courses you will not only enjoy this attractive activity, but also discover the spectacular landscape of Lithuania.

The quality of the Lithuanian golf clubs is recognized by experienced foreign golfers. Landscape of the country is ideal for this entertainment: many millenniums ago, retreating glaciers have formed hills, small lakes, exposures – everything perfectly tailored for golf terrains. It takes very little of manual work to turn wildlife into professional golf green.

Spa & Wellness - Conferences & Meetings
Clean nature of Lithuania preserving it’s natural appearance is a great place for rehabilitation. The favorable climate of the country, always fresh seawater, mineral water springs, forests and pine boscages – all that you can desire for physical and emotional recovery, enjoyment and holidaymaking. Lithuanian areas have long been known and recognized as suitable for treatment and recovery. The country has four main resorts: two of them are located near the mineral water springs in Druskininkai & Birstonas, and the other two by the sea Palanga and Nida. Go there and relax, feel the tranquillizing effect of peaty mud, the power of honey or amber therapy – and return from Lithuania to your country full of new energy.

Canoe Polo

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Kalashnikov shooting

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