Why Vilnius

Vilnius Neris River, Castle Hill, Cathedral Bell Tower Vilnius UNESCO historical Old Town

Looking for new ideas and still undiscovered destinations to impress your meeting delegates? Look no further than Vilnius. Its stunning Old Town, open green spaces, its unique blend of old and new and wide range of different activities will positively inspire everyone.
Learn about traditional Lithuanian cuisine, indulge your creativity in traditional arts and crafts or unwind in a classic Lithuanian sauna. Lithuania has no diamonds, but its coastline is famous for its amber. Learn about ‘Baltic Gold’ and have a go at making something from it yourself. Witness a medieval tournament in an extraordinary Gothic castle or explore the recent past with a number of Soviet-themed adventures.
Vilnius has many names, many faces and many mysteries. Seeming to be in the remote corner of Europe, it is, in fact, located less than 20 kilometres from the geographical centre of Europe. Vilnius is like a miniature Europe in one town, where you can find everything from Italian Baroque to Russian Orthodox churches, from German Gothic to Austrian Rococo architecture and traces of the Jewish past. It is a city, where one street can tell you a thousand stories.
We have promised – the picturesque Vilnius is a city of many faces, many names and curiosities. Come to Vilnius to find the Europe, come to Vilnius to find your inspiration.

Teambuilding & Activities
And then there’s the great outdoors in and around Vilnius for Teambuilding, Incentives and Events. Jump in a canoe, challenge limits with a Team High Ropes and don’t forget to take to the skies in a hot-air balloon! The most exciting experiences and fabulous adventures are guaranteed.

National Traditions & Tastes
Lithuania’s extra ordinarily rich and complicated history dates back a thousand years, during which time its national heritage has been imbued with influences from countless other cultures from East and West. Experience all of it, including tasting traditional local food and drinks, baking your own bread or Lithuanian cakes, learning folk dances, indulging in traditional crafts or pampering yourself in a traditional Lithuanian bath house experience.

Soviet & Medieval Experience
In surroundings of Vilnius you can experience a Soviet Bunker drama or an ambush by the Red army followed a military training camp shooting with Kalashnikov. Or get back in time with the Medieval Feast - an event in the Medieval Castle of Trakai with knights brutally fighting for the honour of the ladies, dances, games, fire shows, canon shooting and the overwhelming Dinner Feast in the Grand Dukes Hall of the Castle.

Hotels, Conference facilities & Venues
Being a relatively small city, Vilnius can boast many hotels and excellent Conference facilities. The choice is diverse, featuring many international top names including Kempinski, Radisson Blu, Le Meridien, Holiday Inn, Novotel, Relais & Chateux, Ramada as well as cosy boutique hotels and guest houses run by local families. Your delegates and participants will find any category of accommodation in Vilnius.
What other city has meeting venue inside its medieval defensive walls, 170 meters in the air, in the large grounds of an outdoor sculpture park and inside reconstructed royal palaces. The list is almost endless, meaning whatever business or meeting or events requirements clients needs, Vilnius is more than capable of providing exactly the right solution.

Canoe Polo

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Kalashnikov shooting

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Experience the feeling of shooting with real guns, pistols and Kalashnikov. It is exciting and great activity for smaller and larger groups. Just choose from below list of your preferred firearms…9mm Russian Pistol Makarov, Glock, Kalashnikov, Winchester Shotgun, Pistol TT... >>>


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