Experience History

In and in surroundings of Vilnius you can experience a Soviet Bunker drama or an ambush by the Red army, followed by military training camp and shooting with Kalashnikov. Or get back in time with the Medieval Feast - an event in the Medieval Castle of Trakai with knights brutally fighting for the honour of the ladies, dances, games, fire shows, canon shooting and the overwhelming Dinner Feast in the Grand Dukes Hall of the Castle.
Vilnius’ extraordinary UNESCO-inscribed Old Town is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Offering a medieval confection of Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic buildings, the city also features architecture from important periods of its history including the Soviet era. Vilnius is a great place for experiencing the atmosphere of such a rich and colourful past.

Medieval Feast with Medieval Dances, Tournaments, Games, Entertainment
The medieval merriment starts when a horn is blown to herald your arrival while servants wash dust from your hands. Witness knights fighting in armour, a jester cracking jokes and a mysterious beggar enchanting his audience with magic. Listen to ancient music and have a go at firing a medieval bow and arrow.

Medieval Weapon Tournament
Experience a medieval tournament in the beautiful surroundings of Trakai breathtaking Gothic castle complete with jousting knights and archery competitions. Get involved in the action yourself and help build a traditional catapult, the ultimate medieval siege weapon. Test its firing capabilities with a cabbage!

Back in the USSR & Kalashnikov Shooting
Forgotten how life was in 1984? Or maybe you have no idea what it was like? Forget films and books, experience it yourself! The survival camp ‘1984’ will show you the giant steps the Lithuanian people have made during 20 years of independence. Experience a bunker five metres below the ground and dive into the life of a Soviet citizen, full of tension and social peculiarities. Experience unusual activities and scenarios in the KGB museum or try shooting a real Kalashnikov or Makarov.

Explore Vilnius’s many different aspects whilst learning about places off the usual tourist route. Hot Air Ballooning over the Old Town, The Vilnius Scavenger & Treasure Hunt is a non-traditional way of discovering the city’s treasures. Zip around the city on wheels. Discover Vilnius with velomobiles, segways, bikes and e-bikes. For more mysterious discoveries, choose one of Vilnius’ sightseeing tours and feel like a town-dweller, a nobleman, or witness the rampage of city ghosts.

Canoe Polo

Enjoy Canoe Polo game at any your desired location >>>

Kalashnikov shooting

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Experience the feeling of shooting with real guns, pistols and Kalashnikov. It is exciting and great activity for smaller and larger groups. Just choose from below list of your preferred firearms…9mm Russian Pistol Makarov, Glock, Kalashnikov, Winchester Shotgun, Pistol TT... >>>


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