Tour Theme Examples

Tour Examples – we have much more and develop any kind on request
Soviet Experience
As a former Soviet occupied country Lithuania has access to some of world most “famous” firearms, bunker, interesting sights and activities.
Activity examples
- Airport welcome with the elite “limousine” the Zil GAZ-13...
- Soviet Vilnius Sightseeing Tour
- Kalashnikov Shooting Competition
- Soviet Bunker Live Survival Event
- Soviet Party Dinner in Gorbachev Villa with entertainment
Active Teambuilding Weekend
A teambuilding tour is beneficial way to combine relaxation with the purpose of strength team work, communication and relationships.
Activity examples
- Vilnius Scavenger-Treasure Hunt
- 4x4 Off Road Safari with Wild Game Roast
- High Ropes – great teambuilding experience
- Canoe Polo
- Active Team Event with different activities
- Gala Dinner with Entertainment & Rewards
Medieval Experience Weekend
See the impressive knights fighting, explorer the old defence system, compete with Medieval Weapons and experience the flavour full tastes of the Medieval Feast in one unique medieval atmosphere.
Activity examples
- A Trip to a Medieval City or Mysterious Treasure of Vilnius
- Medieval Warfare Event
- Medieval Feast in Trakai Castle or Medieval Dinner in Trakai Castle
Lithuanian Experience Weekend
Most interesting Lithuanian folk customs and traditions, national food, discover Vilnius in a fun and interesting way, view Lithuania from above.
Activity examples
- Vilnius Scavenger Treasure Hunt or Mysterious Treasure of Vilnius
- National Evening with Traditional Lithuanian food, music & dances
- Hot Air Ballooning
- Ice Fishing, Ice bathing & Sauna and Lithuanian BBQ Sashlyk
- Lithuanian Beer & Mead Experience Tasting
Winter Experience
Indulge yourself in a special experience with beautiful snowy fields, national forest and deep frozen lakes.
Activity examples
- Vilnius Scavenger-Treasure Hunt
- Snowmobile Safari with Wild Game Roast lunch
- Ice Sculpture Carving Workshop
- Curling & Ice Hockey Tournament
- Log Sawing Competition
Summer Experience
Build up new energies and enjoy relaxing moments outside in the nature together with your colleagues. You will participate in a variety of fun team activities and competitions.
Activity examples
- Vilnius Scavenger-Treasure Hunt
- Viking Long Boat Racing
- Canoe Polo
- Raft building Expedition
- Team Cooking Challenge

Canoe Polo

Enjoy Canoe Polo game at any your desired location >>>

Kalashnikov shooting

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Experience the feeling of shooting with real guns, pistols and Kalashnikov. It is exciting and great activity for smaller and larger groups. Just choose from below list of your preferred firearms…9mm Russian Pistol Makarov, Glock, Kalashnikov, Winchester Shotgun, Pistol TT... >>>


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